We all know how powerful videos can be for a company’s marketing strategy. Multiple studies, polls and tests show that videos outperform any other type of media when it comes to impressions and engagement. Pair that with the ever-changing and evolving landscape of digital marketing (Virtual Reality and 360° cameras anyone?), understanding how videos work is critical for the success of your company.
Videos are a great tool in any marketer’s arsenal, especially for a company attending or exhibiting at a trade show or conference. Video can be used to create teaser trailers about exhibiting or a product you’ll be debuting, walking prospects through product demos or even providing a commercial with top testimonies and case studies. Your company can use video to go Live from the show or even provide a recap afterward for everyone that couldn’t be there. And that’s just for your next trade show!  Video can be used for so many aspects of your business’ overall marketing strategy. Check out the below infographic to learn some great facts that you probably didn’t know about video marketing.
This infographic was created by the Websitebuilder team to show you why videos are praised as the future of marketing and help you keep up with this growing trend. You can see their original post here.

Josh-GravitarJosh Wardini, Editorial Contributor and Community Manager at Websitebuilder. With a preliminary background in communication and expertise in community development, Josh works day-to-day to reshape the human resource management of digitally based companies. When his focus trails outside of community engagement, Josh enjoys the indulgences of writing amidst the nature conservations of Portland, Oregon.

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