Working to find a trade show display that meets your company’s vision, functional needs, and budget can sometimes be challenging, especially when surfing the Internet for options.
Exhibit design is the most powerful and the least understood element of trade show exhibiting. While the need to set clear, measurable goals for the trade show arena is well-established, it is less well understood how goals impact your exhibit design choices. Knowing what design is right for you is critical. Evaluate what are some of the key considerations for a successful environment? Are there design tips that will help improve your overall trade show results for your current booth or new trade show booth? The right display design will support your goals and make it easier to attain them. In this Blog, we’ll be addressing the issues that will  enable you to acquire the island or inline display design that will best serve your marketing and sales efforts.
The most important thing to remember is that trade shows bring buyers and sellers together to build relationships and transact business. Your overall design of your tradeshow booth should attract visitors, reflect the personality of your company and leave a lasting impression for tradeshow attendees. The style and substance of your exhibit can serve to differentiate you from your competitors. When your display speaks volume about your company, it can be the foundation upon which to build your exhibit marketing success.
The Center of Exhibition Industry Research reports that 80% of attendees find the exhibits they visit attractive. Many exhibits are attractive but, more importantly, are they achieving sales, brand building and ROI? We know the key considerations for creating a truly smart selling environment that will help you engage new buyers.

Aim High

Island spaces are popular among exhibitors for several reasons. It allows you more room to engage more visitors simultaneously to promote your products and services. The first step is to build high. A 20×20 Island Exhibit offers four times the space of a 10×20 inline space because of the height allowances. Use this to your advantage to stand head and shoulders above the crowd by filing the height limit of your trade show space.

Open up

It is important to remember that people do business with people so you need a display that buyers feel comfortable approaching and entering. Visitors are more likely to enter a warm, inviting environment. Think of your target visitors as specialized and discerning shoppers that you must entice into your trade show booth space.
open-up-exhibit02An open design is easily accessible from multiple entry points that can welcome attendees and offers easy visitor flow within your space. An uncluttered space enables you to control the focus of your visitors’ attention and helps to create an approachable atmosphere.
Tip: As a general rule you want at least 60% of the frontage open and at least 60% of the floor space in the exhibit unoccupied.

Lure Attendees

Your first priority should be to spark a visitor’s interest, and selling comes after. Visitors are flooded by stimuli when they enter a show – lights, colors, noise, and crowds. It takes a visitor seconds to walk past and sum up whether or not to stop at your display.
You want to capture their attention, intrigue them, and make them stop in the midst of a hectic atmosphere – long enough for a member of your team to begin an interaction. Use something or someone to attract passersby and encourage them to stop. The attraction you choose may involve one or more of the five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.
Sight – Visitors recognize your brand or are intrigued enough by what they see in your display to stop. Large screen video presentations can be used to gain attention, support theatre style presentations or run your “story” on a continuous loop for attendees to learn about your company.
Sound – Visitors are attracted to sounds emanating from your booth whether its music, a presenter’s voice, or the audio supporting a large screen monitor program.sound-exhibit
Smell – It’s the strongest sense for triggering associations and memories. Good smells such as aromatic fragrances or food scents such as cookies or popcorn can reach out to visitors and lure attendees in from the trade show aisles.smell-exhibit
Taste – Offer beverages or light refreshments to entice your visitors’ palettes. It may help lengthen the duration of their visit. If your company is associated with food products, sampling is a great way to build traffic and demonstrate your business.taste-exhibit
Touch – Entice visitors with a tactile experience, the opportunity for true hands-on interaction.
I hope you find these tips to be refreshing and try using at your next show to maximize results for after the show.
Before you get ready for your next trade show, first examine the location of your booth space on the show floor plan and its proximity to the show main entrance. Main aisles and areas are intended for attendees to gather for education sessions, networking, refreshments, etc. While your display should look good from every angle on the show floor, it should also be oriented to face the heaviest flows of traffic.

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