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Brochure Design – Marketing Colateral

Brochures are an important part of any marketing campaign. They give clients and prospects information about you and your services. It is also another way to further your branding efforts. This is a tangible chance to set yourself apart from your competitors.
So, you need a brochure! Where do you go? Who do you talk to? Here are some important thoughts to lead you to a successful brochure designer:

  • Have they designed a brochure before? It is important to have an experienced designer who has a portfolio that has successful brochures included. Many designers have not successfully created an effective brochure design. They lacked the experience to combine your branding with a memorable brochure.
  • Do they understand your branding? A good designer will listen to how you presently brand yourself. If you aren’t sure they can help create a successful branding and marketing campaign that you can carry above and beyond a brochure design. This creates consistency and promotes brand recognition.
  • Is your present branding effective? A good designer should be able to tell right out of the gate whether or not your present branding is really working for you. You should be willing to hear their advice and make necessary changes to your branding efforts. They are the experts after all!
  • Do you like their portfolio? There are many designers out there with experience. However, it is important that the designer you chose has comparable brochure pieces that are attractive to you and your potential clients. Otherwise, you could be changing your brand image to something that does not represent you appropriately.
  • Is the designer original and creative? When looking at a designers portfolio, you will notice whether or not they handle each brochure uniquely or if they have some kind of a design or style that looks repetitive. You want to work with someone who is going to design a unique piece for you so that the brochure represents you correctly and is more memorable!

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