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At EXHIB-IT! we find ourselves in a visual age. We are constantly bombarded by images and have grown accustomed to taking notice only when it is something truly interesting. A logo can define a company. A logo can be the reason why you are noticed. It is not just a name but something visual that can be associated with who you are, what you do, and the experience a person has had with you.
Logos are a key element to any branding and marketing campaign. Your logo should be consistent through the years with only minor updates in between periods of consistency so that you can become known and respected with only a glance.
Whether you are updating a logo or creating a new one, here are some thoughts when choosing a designer:

  1. Do they have experience? The designer should have designed logos before and, hopefully, ones you have noticed! If they haven’t, it is time to question whether they are a good designer for you or not. The whole point of a logo is maximum visual impact relating directly to you and what you do.
  2. Who have they designed for? Ask to see their portfolio. While glancing through it, notice differences and similarities in design. Take note of those that you have seen around. If they have a huge portfolio, especially local, and you have never seen any of them, their experience level should come into question.
  3. Are they innovative? If the designs you see seem cutting edge and fresh, take confidence because that usually means a very unique design for you. However, if the designs look very similar to what you have seen around or have too many consistencies from logo to logo, you might think of trying a different designer.
  4. If you have an existing logo, do they update? Some designers charge a flat price for any logo, whether it is brand new or an existing design that needs updating. Make a point of asking. It is good to see designers who can keep a present design but give it a new spin without losing the effectiveness or brand recognition. This also shows that you can have a long relationship with that designer because they will meet your needs as times change and as your business continues defining itself.
  5. Does their design match your company? A good designer should be able to design something that doesn’t just look “cool” but will actually represent your company visually. Their design should fit like a glove that you can wear and people can easily come to know who it represents. Without this, what is the point of the logo if people don’t remember it and who it represents?

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