Content marketers are great multitaskers. You can take the resources you are given and turn them into something more. There are always new ways to make your content marketing more productive, and in 2020, there’s more competition than ever. So, with that in mind, we came up with our 5 favorite ways to make your content marketing more productive!

1.  Make an Effective Content Marketing Plan that is Easily Accessible to Your Team

Your content marketing plan needs to be more than well thought out; it needs to be easily accessible to your team to be implemented correctly and to reach its full potential. When everything is in one place that can be accessed by everyone, your content strategy will be more productive, and your content management team will be more efficient.

By putting your content marketing plan in one place that is cohesive and collaborative, your team will be able to understand and achieve the long-term goals for your content marketing. This also serves an important role when you have new hires, or contract out work, allowing everyone to understand what their job calls for, and where they fit in in the overall structure of the company.

2.  Cultivate a Competent Team You Can Rely On

Cultivating a competent team doesn’t always mean hiring more people. Sometimes, especially when you are going through the growing pains of trying to scale your business, you will need to outsource some of your tasks to trusted partners. Make sure that you employ people you feel you can rely on to create the kind of content people will come back for again and again.

Finding talented employees and contractors is one of the hardest and most important parts of scaling your content marketing. If your employees and partners can correctly represent your brand and engage with your audience, your business will continue to grow and scale. Keeping everyone up to date with your marketing plan is important, so each person on your team can collaborate, whether the content is outsourced or in-house.

3.  Create a Structure that Allows for Creativity

Content marketing teams are often pushed to create massive amounts of content in short periods of time, and with the small number of employees that usually make up the teams, this can mean that over time, your content may begin to become repetitive and stale. If you are able to create a group that is allowed to work together creatively, within the confines of your marketing plan, you will foster growth and unique content that makes you stand out as a company.

Allowing room for creativity is what will set your company apart. Being able to use their talents and represent your brand in a creative and fun way will make your content managers more engaging to your clients, and that will make your content more productive.

4.  Make Your Content for People, Not Just Search Engines

So many companies these days are churning out content solely for search engines, and they forget the most important purpose for their content – brand engagement! You want your followers to be actively interacting with your brand and your content. Don’t just cater all of your content marketing to search engine crawlers. Put your audience first, and make sure that you are presenting high-quality content.

5.  Track Your Efforts

When you are pumping out a lot of content, it is easy to lose track of what is working and why. Keep track of as many parameters as possible, beyond the basic views, shares, and likes. Look for patterns that indicate unusual attention. This could be anything from the type of content, to when it was posted, to the title of the article. It takes an experienced eye to connect the correct dots, but if you find the correct formula for your brand, and let it continue to evolve, you will stay ahead of the curve.

Content marketing has become more than just a series of keywords — it is a skill that can be honed and is constantly evolving. More and more companies are getting on board with new techniques for 2020, and it can be hard to keep up. If you want your content marketing to be more productive, engaging, and effective, follow some or all our tips!

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