When exhibiting at a tradeshow or event, it is important to utilize a design that is eye-catching, striking and flattering to your brand so you can stand out from your competition.  Your goal should be to make a lasting, informational and visual impression that is memorable. 


You have only 3.8 seconds to catch the attention of event attendees and tell your story.  Below are 5 Tips for Creating Engaging Graphic Designs to Empower Your Brand, tell your story, and catch the attention of your audience to build new leads and future clients.
1. Know Your Audience
When considering different graphic design options, it is important to not only focus on staying true to your brand, but also being relatable to your audience.  Knowing, defining and being relatable to your audience are key steps to building a successful visual brand and an engaging graphic design.  Who is your target audience?  Can you define the following about your key demographics:  age, gender, location, interests, occupation, traditionalist vs modern, and what are their pain-points are for purchasing needs?
2. Brand Consistency
Being consistent with your branding and graphic design doesn’t only make you look more professional, it also makes you more recognizable and trust worthy.  Develop a unique style that is true to your brand and corporate culture.  Once you have identified and refined your look, stick with it!

  • Come up with standard design guidelines for your brand.
  • Develop and utilize templates to streamline this process.
  • Select and define standard Pantone (also known as PMS) colors for your logo and overall branding.

3. Use the Right Colors
With reference to the chart above, does the color scheme match your brand, message and culture?  Being aware of color psychology can be a helpful tool.  Use the chart above to help you select colors that are complementary to the message you are trying to convey.  Don’t just say it.  Show it.
4. Keep It Simple
There is a fine line between being unique and creative or just creating a noisy and distracting design and graphic that is difficult to read. If your display, advertisements, graphics or logos are too busy, then people won’t know where to focus their eyes.  Keep your attendee’s attention by keeping it simple:

  • Use complementary colors with good contrast.
  • Have a clear and defined call to action.
  • Avoid text overload. Be direct and quick.  Remember, you only have 3.8 seconds to catch the attention of an attendee at an event or any advertisement message.
  • Avoid color overload. Using a graphic image, or picture is fine, but stick with two main colors for your branding and text (and definitely no more than three).

5. Stand Out – Eye Catching
There is a lot of competition at trade shows.  Everyone is vying for the attention the attendees.  How do you stand out and be eye-catching, but also keep it simple and not put the attendees through information or visual overload?
Be creative in how you display your brand.  Before you invest in designing your exhibit, display, logo, or other branding and marketing collateral items, be sure to research materials, formats and accessories that will add that special touch for you to get noticed and be memorable.
If you are designing a trade show display, consider accessories and lighting options as they can add a special touch and help you stand out.  A backlit VBurst displaying a simple, striking image with your branding and a short line of text, complemented with accessories such as a counter and flooring can make a difference!

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