1. Know yourself. You have to understand what your company stands for and what differentiates you from the competition. Use positive differences when talking with customers and never bad mouth your competition.Know_yourself_by_Papa_figo
  2. Know your Customer. This second step is to truly understand what your customer wants from you – and what your customer does not want from you.  A good company listens to what a customer says it wants.  A great company anticipates what a customer needs – even before they know that they want it.download
  3. Know your Competition. This third step is to truly understand your competition.  You cannot do this unless you understand their strengths and weaknesses.  You should become your competition’s customer by buying their products and services.    This will show you how they treat clients, how they process and deliver orders and what their true colors show.KnowingYourCompetition400x400-300x300
  4. Turn customers into evangelists. Evangelist clients are walking testimonials that believe in your company, believe in your products and services, and love sharing their experiences with the public.  You cannot beat this form of advertisement and it truly does grow your reputation, which in turn will grow your business.evangelist
  5. Make good by doing good. Doing good has its own, very sufficient rewards, but sometimes you can make good and do good at the same time.  For example, if your company sells great products and services and you are involved in the community in a “give back” program, you are also doing well for the community.  Having a cause to contribute to on behalf of your company sets you apart from most companies.slider_images55
  6. Turn the Competition into allies. One way to get rid of your competition is to drive it out of business.  While this may sound attractive, a better way is to turn your competition into allies.  This only works if you have healthy competitors and not those who believe in bad mouthing.  Lead by example and show your competition that you are confident enough to send customers to their location if you cannot meet a customer’s needs.  Remember, it is not about the competition, it is about the customer.teamqork_37957
  7. Refer Customers to your Competition. If your objective is always “get the sale,” then well before number ten, everyone will know you’re in it for yourself, short-term. You’ll have a reputation. You’ll win about the same percentage as your market share—say, 30% for sake of discussion.Untitled-14
  8. Always be honest. This is the one thing I have seen go by the wayside since the Internet came along and customers are researching companies online.  There are so many companies that pull bait and switch and it will catch up with them.  Being honest is the one thing we stand by at our company.taylor-greene-always-be-honest
  9. FOCUS on the Customer. Instead of worrying about your competition, this is the #1 thing to focus on.  Here’s what most people find surprising:  the best way to drive your competition crazy is to not focus on competition but focus on what you do best – what you can do for the customer.  You succeed at doing things for the customer by using your knowledge gained in the first three steps.
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