Hanging signs and overhead structures not only make your trade show exhibit look more professional, they get your brand noticed! Adding overhead structures is a great way to make sure your brand is visible from nearly anywhere on the trade show floor. This makes your exhibit easier to find and more likely to garner attention and foot traffic from prospects.

2D: The New Design Wave in Hanging Signs2D Overhead Structures can be hung vertically or horizontally

2D signs are all the rage right now, and can be hung either horizontally or vertically. They are a great option that provides flexibility and exciting display alternatives for exhibitors. They are easy to pack, lightweight to ship, and are available in a variety of exciting shapes.

2D Serpentine

Our 2D Serpentine Overhead Structure has a beautiful wavy design that is eye-catching and unique. Like our other overhead structures, the 2D Serpentine Overhead Structures have single- and double-sided dye-sub printing options. Whether you order it in large (4 feet by 10 feet) or small (3 feet by 8 feet), it is sure to help your trade show booth garner extra attention.

2D Curved Rectangle

One of our most popular designs, the 2D Curved Rectangle Overhead Structure can be printed either single- or double-sided and offers lightweight, rugged construction, fast tool-free installation, and high-quality fabric with an optional light blocker.

The 2D Curved Rectangle Overhead Structure comes in two sizes — 3 feet by 8 feet, or 4 feet by 10 feet. Each structure comes with a harness and cables, and you can add on an optional Aviator shipping case that makes transportation a breeze. If you want a display that will hold up after years of use, our 2D Curved Rectangle Overhead Structure is one of the best.

2D Rectangle

The 2D Rectangle Overhead Structure is a great addition to your trade show booth. You can hang it horizontally or vertically, with single- or double-sided printing options. Offered in two sizes (3 feet by 8 feet or 4 feet by 10 feet) and with optional light blockers. Harnesses and cable always included.

2D Disc

Our 2D Disc Overhead Structure makes a bold statement. Available in six- or eight-foot diameters, and with single- or double-sided printing, Our 2D Disc Overhead Structure is a fun way to make your trade show booth stand out. Like the other 2D structures, this one can be hung horizontally or vertically.


Additional Styles and Designs Available

In addition to the 2D style hanging signs, these classic one-dimensional shapes also offer amazing visibility and crisp graphic branding.


The Pinwheel Overhead Structure is a great way to get everyone at the trade show to notice your booth from across the show floor. You can even order optional backlighting and rotating motor options.


The Circle Overhead Structure is a trade show classic. Featuring lightweight, push-button frames and optional backlighting and rotating motors, the circular overhead sign is an exhibitor favorite.


Our Square Overhead Structure is a unique take on our hanging displays and looks especially good in contemporary trade show booths. Add in a rotating motor and lights for a stunning upscale look.

Tapered Circle

Our Tapered Circle Overhead Structure is the perfect choice for high ceilings. It is similar to our Circle Overhead Structure, but it tapers at the bottom for better visibility.

Tapered Square

Like the Tapered Circle Overhead Structure above, the Tapered Square Overhead Structure is angled for better visibility from the show floor. Optional lighting and rotating motors create a real showpiece. Light blockers are available for an additional fee.


Our Triangle Overhead Structure boasts luxurious dye-sub graphics that are printed on lightweight, durable fabric, and no tools are needed for assembly. Optional backlighting and rotating motors make this a star feature in your trade show booth. As always, harness and cable included.


The classic Rectangle Overhead Structure complements both traditional and contemporary trade show exhibits.

Don’t Forget Your Shipping Case

Our Aviator Shipping Case is the best way to transport hanging banners, lightweight frames, and tension fabric displays. It is lightweight, has wheels for ease of transport, and protects your investment when you buy an overhead structure or hanging sign.

Choosing the Right Signage for Your Booth

Selecting the right signage and structure for your booth is important and can make or break the success of your exhibit. Not sure what you want? Contact a member of our team today for assistance with choosing the perfect signage for your trade show booth.

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