The answer is “Yes, it does matter!” When you exhibit at an event or trade show or when you’re talking to a prospective client at a networking event, your sense of humor is not the only thing they will take with them.  You will definitely be handing them your business card.  What does your business card say about you? What does it say about your company?

  • Single-Sided Cards

Single-sided business cards are good if you have a low budget or if you only want your name and contact information on the card. These are quicker to produce and can be printed in black and white for cost purposes or color for just a few dollars more per hundred printed. These may work nicely for you if you want to get just the slightest bit of information to your prospect, but they can say to the prospect that you may not care enough about your company to produce a memorable take away from your meeting. After all this, your business card is the next thing the prospective client is going to see when they think of you or need your services.

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Advanced Employment Solutions Single Sided Business Card

  • Double-Sided Cards

Double-sided business cards are nice if you want to not only give your prospective client more company info and added design elements to help your card standout. You could also use them for appointment lists, a list of your products or services, or even a quote that the prospective client will tie to you every time they see or think it. Double-sided business cards also offer you the opportunity to put a testimonial on the card, or even a large image, to associate with your product or service. One major thing to avoid with double sided cards is too much information. Keep it clean and simple!

Stone Forge, Fitness, Double Sided, Business Card, EXHIB-IT!, graphic design, marketing, logo, branding

Stone Forge Fitness Double Sided Business Card

No matter which style you select, there will be pros and cons but rest assured that a properly designed business card can make the difference between your next sale or your next fail.  Here at EXHIB-IT! we have over 15 years of experience in graphic design and marketing.  Contact us today to discuss your brand and print collateral options for your company.

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