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Create a Digital Trade Show Display

How are you using digital display stands to create a memorable experience for your guests?
Forget a simple slideshow on a screen or throwing a logo up at the back of your trade show booth. Todays’ consumers aren’t impressed with simple anymore.
Why is simple not working at your events?
Consumers are already getting a lot of information in the day-to-day marketplace of social media making it even more important to create a digital display stand that WOWs your audience. They’ve seen – and even created – photo slide shows.
What if you could create a memorable EXPERIENCE?
Digital display stands are just part of the solution to helping you create a memorable experience for your customers and clients. Technology is increasingly being included in trade show and event displays.
Give them an unforgettable customer experience.
As an event planner, it’s your job to create an unforgettable experience for guests at a variety of occasions. Digital display stands provide a unique way to showcase brands, people, and events.

  • Wedding Planners – Utilize a display customized for the bride and groom to show a slideshow of their love story at their reception. Guests will never forget this extra touch – and neither will the happy couple.
  • Schools – From slide shows and movies to presentations and special events, show your school spirit when you have a display designed in school colors and logo.
  • Networking Events – Be a step ahead of the competition when you showcase your business at events and expos. From solopreneurs to big brands, digital display stands can help grow brand recognition and attract target clients.
  • Red Carpet Galas – There’s no better way to make an impression on your VIPs than offering a red carpet experience that includes a professional photograph in front of a display designed specifically for your red carpet gala.
  • Press Conference – Stop standing in front of a blank wall and create a digital display to showcase your city, town, event, company, or whatever you’re celebrating in the press conference.
  • Chambers of Commerce – Stop standing in the shadows and show the local businesses how you’re making improvements and growing the community. Showcase your city or town, sponsored events and member businesses as part of your digital display. It’s a sure way to make a great first impression!

Let’s talk about how you can set yourself apart as a leader of technology at your next event.

  1. Know the competition: If you’re not studying the competition, you’re missing out on an opportunity to see how you can do it better. It’s that simple. Competitive intelligence means attending events and studying the competition, reviewing their online presence (website, social media, online profiles), and researching trends in your industry.
  2. Go where they go. You might opt to attend an expo as a visitor rather than exhibitor to research how the competition is using trade show displays.
  3. Take notes. You aren’t doing competitive intelligence to waste your time. Make the most of it by noting which booths are attracting visitors and which are not, the type of product(s) being showcased, how the booth staff are dressed, how educated they are about the company and featured product(s) and any other factors that are important to you.
  4. Know your WHY for creating a digital display stand. We often ask clients why you are creating a trade show display. We want to design a booth that meets your needs. The same holds true for a digital display stand. Your WHY will drive what you showcase. We might feature a particular product, for example, or new branding.

Elements to include in your digital display
Whatever your reason or what you choose to display, be sure the digital media featured is clear to those seeing the display. Here are some ideas for event planners:

  • Clearly display the company logo or event information.
  • Include all sponsors of an event. (No one likes to be left out.)
  • Feature the main stars – the product, the branding, the bride and groom – don’t get lost in the details and forget the who or what of what you’re creating.

Make it more than a slideshow. Create an experience. Bring wedding guests along on the journey from the couple meeting to their wedding. Remind employees of how they are part of the bigger organization. Show customers and prospects how your product can change their lives.
Contact the design team at EXHIB-IT! today to learn more ways to create a digital display stand that WOWs.

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