[NOTE: This is Part 1 of a two-part blog. You can read Part 2 here.]

Here at EXHIB-IT!, we don’t just build trade show displays. We coach and educate our clients to ensure they get maximum results from their trade show marketing efforts. In this two-part blog, we answer your most frequently asked questions about exhibiting.

QUESTION #1: What’s the difference between a trade show, a convention and an expo?

There are many names and definitions for large gatherings of business professionals in a hotel ballroom. Is it a trade show? A convention or expo? These words get thrown around interchangeably with each other without much reference to what they actually mean. And they are each worlds apart.

Find the answer:
What’s in a name? The Difference Between a Trade Show, Convention and Expo

QUESTION #2: How can we make a lasting impression with swag and corporate giveaways?

Just how many branded pens, PopSockets and USB charging cables does a trade show attendee really need … or want?  To set your brand apart from the competition and make a lasting positive impression on prospects, you need to stock your booth with swag that’s unique and memorable.

Get inspired by these branded giveaway ideas:
Fresh Ideas: Trade Show Swag and Corporate Giveaways

QUESTION #3: We’d love  to do something super high tech to make our event stand out, but not sure we have the budget. What do you recommend?


A large projection mapping installation can turn an ordinary trade show into an eye-popping theatrical performance, but it usually carries a hefty price tag. The good news is that when executed properly, small-scale projection mapping can be just as engaging as large installations, minus the high cost.

Learn how and see some great examples:
Small-scale Projection Mapping Tips for Event Organizers

QUESTION #4: Do exhibitors still take printed marketing materials to trade shows?

The advent of the internet and social media has rapidly transformed the ways in which people market their businesses. With the rise of digital marketing, new media creates a three-dimensional approach to marketing your business.

Learn how:
5 Types of Marketing Collateral You Need for Your Next Trade Show

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QUESTION #5: I know that fabric displays are lightweight and cost less to ship, but I’m worried they might not hold up as well as traditional hardwall exhibits. Do fabric displays require special care to maintain?

Fabric trade show displays are the go-to favorite for many exhibitors, but despite their popularity, fabric displays are prone to rips and tears, stains, fading, and even mold if not stored properly. Protect your investment and keep your fabric display in good condition with these easy-care tips from the pros.

Get insider tips from the pros:
How to Clean, Store and Refresh Fabric Trade Show Displays

QUESTION #6: Our display is well branded and our graphics look great, but we’d like our exhibit to look and feel more inviting overall. What are we missing?

Nothing sets the tone and ambiance of an enclosed space quite like the flooring material. Purchasing your own flooring allows you to extend your company’s look-and-feel to the “fifth wall” of your booth, providing a consistent branding experience across all surfaces, in all directions.

Explore the dramatic possibilities:
How to Increase Foot Traffic with Trade Show Flooring

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Top Trade Show Furniture Trends

QUESTION #7: I get an email at least once a week from a vendor offering a contact list of all attendees from one trade show or another. Are these for real?

Even the most conscientious trade show managers have been duped by trade show scammers. Seemingly legitimate offers arrive in your inbox almost daily, touting attendee lists, hotel discounts, and fabulous-sounding shows that, sadly, are often too good to be true.

Learn how not to get duped:
Don’t Be Fooled by Trade Show Scams and Scammers

You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

As your trusted partner in tradeshow marketing, we’re here to assist you in making sound, informed decisions about exhibit design, branding and strategy. Got a question? Give us a call at 1-877-964-1965 and let us help you get the most out of your display.

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