Just how many branded pens, PopSockets and USB charging cables does a trade show attendee really need … or want?  To set your brand apart from the competition and make a lasting positive impression on prospects, you need to stock your booth with swag that’s unique and memorable. We scoured LinkedIn for some fresh ideas, and here’s what we found.

Fresh Idea #1:  Branded ReboundTAGs

If your target prospect is an executive-level frequent flyer, this swag idea could be a big hit. A customized, logo-imprinted ReboundTAG works like a little microchip for luggage, making it easier for airport personnel to locate missing or mis-routed items. In fact, it’s the only RFID-based luggage tag that works in all airports worldwide.

Ideal Venues: The ReboundTAG is a perfect giveaway for national business conferences, professional association meetings, and international trade shows.

Fresh Idea #2:  Themed Sets

Rather than just throwing a bunch of random items together, try to come up with a funny slogan or a memorable play on words — with products that drive the message home and pull it all together. That’s exactly what TalentSpark did recently when they announced their clever “Need talent? No Sweat” t-shirt and branded mini-deodorant swag bundle.

Ideal Venues: Themed sets generally work well at any event, but they are particularly effective in the professional services and B2B market.

Fresh Idea #3:  CBD-Infused Products

CBD oil is enjoying a tremendous amount of media coverage these days, but you don’t have to be in the natural health business to ride that wave. Logo-imprinted CBD-infused products like these lip balms and mints from Weed World Promos are edgy and trendy yet corporate-friendly, making them a great crossover swag item.

Suggested Venues: CBD-infused products are well received at natural health conferences, holistic product expos, and other B2C-type events.

Fresh Idea #4:  Unique Packaging

This Grow-Your-Own Herbs Kit from Brilliant Promos is a wholesome, ingenious alternative to the shiny gadgets found at most exhibitor booths. The egg carton wrapper allows for full-color branding and messaging. Plus, you’ll earn good karma points for using a swag item made from recycled paper.

Suggested Venues: This particular item would work well for REALTORS and real estate firms looking for new clients at home and garden shows, home remodeling expos, and green building conventions.

Fresh Idea #5:  Vintage Look

If your company has been around for 20, 30, or even 50 years, you’ve got an impressive success story to tell — plus a distinct advantage over your competition. With the right swag, you can promote your company’s long heritage while positioning yourselves as experts and leaders in the field.
One way to do that is to give your corporate logo a vintage makeover like Sprig Electric did recently. Sprig has been in business since 1970, and with the help of creative agency BrandVia, they decided to create an alternative, vintage-look logo to celebrate their history.

Suggested Venues: The branded vintage look is an attention-getter at any venue, but it works particularly well at functions attended by those who have contributed to your company’s success, such as loyal customers, investors, supply chain partners, board members, and employees.

Fresh Idea #6:  “Cheer” Swag

If you’re like most companies, you probably have a marketing slogan or a tagline associated with your brand name. But do you have an official company cheer? The folks at Oracle Bronto do a fantastic job of developing brand ambassadors by printing swag items with fun cheerleading statements like “Always Be A Bronto,” “Big Bad Bronto,” “Straight Outta Bronto,” and “Bronto Rocks.”
Booth giveaways featuring your brand’s favorite cheers are a great way to humanize your marketing efforts by showcasing your company’s unique personality and work culture.

Suggested Venues: Branded “cheer” swag is perfect for B2B expos, annual business conferences, and job fairs.

Start Planning Now

The most unique and memorable swag campaigns are planned months in advance of a big show, so don’t wait till the last minute! Creativity needs time to brew. Pool your resources now — designers, copywriters, brand managers — and get to work on a booth giveaway strategy that will surprise and delight show attendees.

Now it’s your turn! What’s the most unique promo item you ever received? Post a comment below or share a pic on your favorite social media channel and tag us at @EXHIBIT_Experts.

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