Watch step by step visual instructions on how to set up professional templates for digital use, general print, and large format printing. In this instructional video we use a general print format, standard business card as our example (print size measuring 3.5″w x 2″h).
Pixels Per Inch, Raster Effects or Resolution Guide:
Web72 dpi/ppi
Large Format Printing150 dpi/ppi
General Print – Business cards, brochures, books, magazines, etc. – 300 dpi/ppi


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General Print Template Guidelines – Business Cards

General Print Guidelines:
Business Card Template

  • Bleed: 1/8” – 0.125” all the way around, outside of Canvas.
    Extend all background colors and images to this line.
  • Trim/Canvas/Print Size: 3.5”w x 2”h
    This will be the final print/document size and cut line.
  • Critical Margin: 1/8” – 0.125” all the way around, inside Canvas.
    Keep ALL important text, images and graphics within this margin.

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