Custom modular displays are famous for their versatility, but the NEXT! line of SEG trade show exhibits takes the term modular to a whole new level. NEXT! modular SEG displays are like giant LEGO sets for exhibitors. Stack ‘em, slide ‘em together, create 90-degree angles on the fly. Basically, if the Big Kid in you can dream it, you can build it. How fun is that?

NEXT! SEG: The Best of Both Worlds

SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) displays are made up of lightweight frames and stretch-fabric graphic panels featuring a thin strip of silicone that’s been sewn into the outer edges. Once the frame is set up, exhibitors simply slip the graphic panel’s silicone edge into specially made recessed grooves in the frame, and the printed graphic panel is held tightly in place for the duration of the show.

But what makes the NEXT! modular SEG display so unique is its tool-free pop up frame. Exhibitors get the best of both worlds: Taut, edge-to-edge fabric graphics plus quick-and-easy, pop up frame setup.

Sporting lightweight pop up frames, NEXT! modular SEG displays are super easy to set up and tear down, with no tools required.

You’ve Never Seen a Modular Display Like This

The ultimate in flexibility, NEXT! modular SEG displays allow you to combine frames in different ways to outfit a variety of booth sizes — from 10′, 20′ and 30′ inline spaces to island exhibits measuring 20’x20′ or larger.  With NEXT!, you’re not locked into a single booth layout or configuration.

Feel like adding a partitioned privacy cove or conversation area for your Chicago show? Done. Need a taller back wall for your Vegas show? No problem. Graphic panels can be connected horizontally, stacked on top of each other vertically, or even set up at 90-degree angles.

The NEXT! 15’ Custom A is versatile enough to outfit a 20’x20’ island or peninsula exhibit with ease. Components can be repositioned or displayed separately to suit your needs for any particular show or booth size.

Breathtaking, Best-in-Class Printed Graphic Panels

Using 4K dye-sub technology, the NEXT! modular SEG display offers the sharpest graphic resolution available — with virtually continuous tone images, smooth gradations and no unsightly dots or glare. The result is a large-format graphic that mimics the old-fashioned hard panel graphics often used in interior commercial or retail spaces.

Instead of being distracted by visible seams or spotty color, booth visitors will see wall-to-wall branding with a bold vividness that’s comparable to lithography or giclée printing. It’s just that good!

In addition, the easy-care fabric graphic panels are fire-retardant coated and crafted with just enough stretch to pull out any wrinkles or fold lines once installed on the frame.

NEXT! Radiance Backlit SEG Displays offer brilliant backlighting, easy graphic change-out, and single- or double-sided printing options. And, of course, all components can be clamped together or set up in a variety of configurations.

Ready in a Snap

Much like an umbrella, pop up frames open up in one easy movement with just the flick of your wrist. After that, you’ll just need to attach the channel bars to the front, then slip your silicone-edged fabric graphic panel into the grooves. Use the tool-less right-angle and straight-link connectors to attach frames together to create L-shapes, U-shapes, or long backwalls.

With its wraparound graphic, the NEXT! 10’ L-Shaped SEG Display adds visual intrigue and depth to your booth.

Your Brand, Your Style

Add your own unique design touches with branded trade show counters, seating areas and custom lighting to make the NEXT! modular SEG display completely your own. And the best part? Modular components can be repositioned however you like to ensure a fresh look from show to show.

Endless Options

NEXT! modular SEG displays are available with a variety of options, including single- or double-sided printing, backlighting, stabilizing feet (for stacked frames), LED arm lights, and more.

Easy to Ship, Store and Protect

The NEXT! foldable fabric panels and lightweight frames pack easily into shippable hard storage cases, so you can keep your exhibit safe and protected at all times.

Which One Is Right For You?

Inline booth, peninsula display or island exhibit … the NEXT! modular SEG display can be right-sized to fit any trade show space, and its eye-popping graphics are sure to turn heads at any show. Contact an EXHIB-IT! trade show marketing expert today and let us help you find the NEXT! display that’s perfect for you.

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