What’s new in tradeshow exhibits? Reception counters with a hint of Vegas, baby! LED lighted counters are trending with exhibitors. And with so many different styles and features available, it’s easy to see why. Learn how adding a lighted trade show counter to your display can make your brand pop, enhance your booth ambiance, and attract more sales prospects.

Trade Show Counters: Essential Elements for Every Display

Reception counters are powerful little workhorses and the unsung heroes of every successful trade show exhibit. Their appeal lies in their ease of use, simple construction, multi-functionality, and ability to enhance brand recognition.
Most often, exhibitors use portable trade show counters in a variety of ways, including:

  • Reception/greeting area: A welcoming focal point and an introduction to your booth and brand
  • Registration desk: A can’t-miss central location for valuable lead capture activities like free trials or contest signups
  • Swag giveaway station: A place to distribute freebies and other marketing materials
  • Storage space: A safe, lockable area to stow extra booth materials as well as personal items belonging to sales staff
  • Product display area: A large counter space for showcasing products
  • Product demo, taste testing or trial area: An interactive area where attendees can taste, touch and try for themselves
  • Workspace: A level surface for working up estimates or processing orders

Backlit counters
Backlit counters offer true white LED light, which works well with photorealistic graphic panels.

Why Are Lighted Counters Such a Big Deal?

Human brains are wired — just as strongly as moths or plants — to seek the light. In fact, in 2004 the human behavior research experts at InformeDesign revealed in their newsletter that:

  • When given a choice between two paths, with the lighting on one path brighter than the other, the majority of people (75%) will follow the brighter path.
  • Increasing the amount of contrast between an object and its surrounding environment will cause people to focus their attention on the lighted object.
  • When given a choice, people prefer to face walls that are illuminated, rather than sitting or standing with their backs to the light.
  • In a nutshell, lighting affects where and how people position themselves in a room.

Armed with that little bit of the science about lighting and its effect on human behavior, you can see how adding a strategically positioned lighted element to your booth space could help to direct foot traffic and focus visual attention in a specific area.
Lighted trade show counters take advantage of this phenomenon, combining the functionality that exhibitors need with the extra brand visibility they desire. From across the hall or across the booth, they can help focus an attendee’s attention wherever you want it to go — such as toward a lead capture activity.
Plus, on a busy trade show floor, back walls can sometimes be obscured by the crowds. A branded, lighted counter can serve as a mini lighthouse, reinforcing who you are and also reminding booth visitors where they are.

Edgelit counter
Edgelit counters can bring either a casual or a high-tech feel to your booth, depending on the colors you select.

Lighting Styles and Colors

As you would expect, LED lights for reception counters are available in true white light plus a rainbow of colors to complement your brand.
And in addition to LED bulb color, exhibitors also have their choice of several different counter lighting styles. Often, the type of business or industry you’re in can help you decide which style would work best with your brand. For example:


With backlit counters, the entire front panel is evenly illuminated from behind, most often with pure white light, which adds dramatic effect to photorealistic graphics. A good solution for nearly any company with a rich, graphical branding style.


Artistic and energetic, edgelit counters suggest a more casual or high-tech feel. Some models even feature LED color-changing lights for added visual intrigue. Perfect for software developers, bars, restaurants, and fun consumer brands.


Halolit counters cast a neon glow around the border of your custom-branded graphic panel, emphasizing a 3D layered type of depth. Great for casinos, hotels or travel-related brands.

Under-counter Puck Lighting

Puck lights are a retail-style lighting option in which the bulbs hide out of sight (tucked beneath the counter’s front edge) and shine downward to light up your graphics below. Perfect for upscale consumer brands.

Puck light counters create an upscale, retail-style atmosphere in your booth.

Additional Features

Small but mighty, our lighted trade show counters offer an amazing lineup of features, including:

  • Your choice of four graphic options (vinyl, rigid, backlit fabric or magnetic)
  • Nearly two dozen laminate and counter top color options available to complement your brand
  • Lots of sizes, ranging from 4 feet wide up to 7 feet wide
  • Easy, tool-free assembly for quick setup
  • Lockable storage space
  • Interior shelves
  • Optional charging station grommets available
  • Hard shipping cases usually included with purchase

Halolit counter
Halolit counters can add a Vegas-style neon glow around the edges of your graphic panel.

Sturdy, versatile and functional, lighted trade show counters make a great-looking, high-impact addition to any display. Contact us today and let us help you design the perfect new counter to fit your needs.

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