Are You Exhibiting at the Right Trade Shows? Here’s How to Find Out.

No matter how well-branded your display, if your target audience doesn’t show up at a particular trade show, you’ve wasted valuable time, money and energy by exhibiting. The whole point of trade show marketing is to connect exhibitors with their ideal customers. Use this six-point plan to select trade shows that attract the right attendees for your business.

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Lighted Trade Show Counters that Make Your Brand POP

What’s new in tradeshow exhibits? Reception counters with a hint of Vegas, baby! LED lighted counters are trending with exhibitors. And with so many different styles and features available, it’s easy to see why. Learn how adding a lighted trade show counter to your display can make your graphics pop, enhance your booth ambiance, and attract more sales prospects.

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Exhibitor Packing List: Travel Essentials for Booth Staffers on the Road

Exhibiting at an out-of-town event can seriously boost your brand visibility, not to mention the insights gained from scoping out your competition on the show floor. But whether it’s a small one-day trade show or a week-long business conference, it’s easy to either over- or underestimate how much stuff to bring. This handy exhibitor packing list should help.

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Got a Minute? Navigator Modular Pillowcase Displays Are Ready When You Are

Boasting easy tool-free setup and vivid dye-sub printed graphics, pillowcase displays are some of the most striking, versatile, durable, budget-friendly and lightweight trade show exhibits around. But the Navigator product line in particular has taken pillowcase displays to a whole new level. See why Navigator fabric display kits have become an exhibitor favorite.

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How and When to Work with Trade Show Union Labor

If your motto is “don’t sweat the small stuff,” then you likely don’t work as a trade show union laborer. From cables and lighting to exhibit placement, setup and tear-down, the talented folks working behind the scenes are laser-focused on the details. But union labor is expensive, and at some point every exhibitor wonders, “Can’t I do some of this work myself?”

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