Make Your Booth Wheelchair-Friendly with These 6 Helpful Tips

Every visitor to your exhibit is a potential customer. Wheelchair-friendly booth design helps to ensure that every attendee can enjoy all aspects of a trade show display, including maneuvering around the booth, viewing and reaching sample products, and accessing tablet or iPad keyboards. Use these six helpful tips to improve wheelchair accessibility in your booth.

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Understaffed? Grow Your Own Sales Talent in Time for Your Next Trade Show

Frontline sales managers are under pressure to ensure that every event on the trade show marketing calendar will be staffed by at least two members from the sales team. But if you’ve recently lost a top performer to a competitor or departmental budget cuts, that’s not always possible. The ideal solution? A backup sales team that can flex in during peak periods.

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7 Ways to Keep Your Marketing Collateral Out of the Hotel Trash Bin

There’s nothing worse than seeing all your hard work go to waste — literally. With all the marketing collateral that is handed out at trade shows, it’s no surprise that most of it never makes the return trip back to your prospective customer’s corporate office. Save money (and save face) by learning how to deliver marketing materials worth keeping.

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Exhibiting Abroad? Avoid These Critical Mistakes to Ensure a Successful Show

Has your company made plans to exhibit at its very first overseas trade show? Congratulations! Are you scared or anxious? You should be. Dipping your toe into international trade show waters can be as nerve-wracking as it is exciting. Learn how to sidestep these common first-timer mistakes and you’ll be on your way to a great foreign exhibit experience.

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4 Backlit Display Superheroes That Clobber Boring Trade Show Booth Design

Do you sometimes feel like the Invisible Man while tending your trade show exhibit? Do you often wish you had some sort of superpower that could draw hundreds of qualified prospects into your booth? You can. Faster than the Flash, backlit and light box displays transform exhibits from meh to marvel-ous and start attracting booth visitors in seconds.

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Design a Better Trade Show Display Using Customer and Buyer Personas

Savvy marketers understand the value of customer personas in developing high-conversion funnels, email marketing campaigns and social media content. But customer personas aren’t just for digital marketing. They can also provide exhibitors with valuable insights into how trade show displays should be outfitted and configured to draw in more qualified leads.

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