If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past decade, it isn’t far-fetched to assume you have spent a fair portion of your day, or life, considering what to do for social media strategy for your business (or personal self).
Social media isn’t a fad. It’s not going away. Social media is here to stay. And our/your ability to adapt to it, and understand it, isn’t just a good goal to have – it is now critical to the success of your business.
Understanding and navigating social media is necessary.
So, here are a few of our best ideas on social media mistakes you should avoid.

More is not more.

Myth #1, debunked. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE ON EVERY SINGLE SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNEL, EVER. No. This is just bad business/time management. Figure out where your customers and your stakeholders spend their time on social. Be there. Only there. It is simply bad business to spread yourself too thin on social media.
Seriously, identify 2-3 channels, at most, that make sense for you to spend your valuable time and effort on, and only be on those.
(They are likely Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and/or Google+. Start there. Narrow down your choices, and invest your effort wisely).

Followers = goal.

Myth #2, debunked. False. While, yes, having a lot of followers adds a sense of credibility and legitimacy to your business, but, let us be clear – it is extremely easy to grow your follower base, but the only followers who should matter to you, are the followers who care about your business.
You want to invest your resources in QUALITY leads, and quality followers, not just quantity. 1k+ followers looks like nice on paper, but, if none of them actually have a need or want to know about your business, it is simply wasted effort.

You must pay to play.

Myth #3, kind of debunked. Ish. Kinda. Sorta.
The idea that you have to “pay to play” on social isn’t exactly incorrect – but HOW you execute this matters.
You can’t simply pay to promote your page; social media channels continue to care more and more about the content that you are putting out on social media. The better your content is, the better it will perform organically; and the better your content performs organically, the better it will perform when you add ad dollars to the campaign.
We like to say that you have to “play to play, pay to play, and then play to pay” to be successful.
To us, this means that you have to have created a strong social media community, organically, before you ever start to pay to promote your page. And then, when you find a few very specific posts to promote, only then, do you promote. Because posts that do well organically will do very well when you pay to promote them.
But you can’t stop there. The best-paid posts need a little more tending to in order to be successful.
When people comment or interact with your paid post, you must be there to greet them and comment back. You must play, again, to play.
Well, we hope these three simple ideas – and common social media mistakes – help you know what NOT to do in your social media strategy – and help you go further, and more effectively in creating your social media communities.
(Special thanks to guest blogger Maralyn Beck of Brave Social )

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