Envirotech, Trade Show,  Exhibitor, green trade show exhibit

Envirotech, Nomadic Trade Show Exhibit

According to trade show research, 76% of attendees arrive at the show with an agenda. They have studied the exhibitor list and know who they want to see, making it important to create a memorable experience when they visit your trade show booth. Giving visitors a memorable experience begins by understand your business goals – the WHY of being a trade show exhibitor.
We all want to grow our businesses. Have a clear understanding of why you are exhibiting at a trade show before making the investment. Designing a trade show booth is about more than making a marketing statement; it’s about telling the story of your business to attract attendees that want what you are offering.
Think about what you like about your current display and study the competition. Begin to identify design elements that you like and that will help your business get recognized at events. Identify the target client or trade show booth visitor. You want to bring visitors to your booth through brand recognition and a desire to connect with your product or service using trade show booth design strategies for success.
Start with a Trade Show Booth Designer
Envirotech, Trade Show,  Exhibitor, green trade show exhibit

Trade Show Booth Design Strategies for Success

If you’re unsure of where to start in designing a trade show booth, consider working with a professional trade show exhibit designer like the ones we have at EXHIB-IT!  We ask questions, listen to your business needs and goals, and help you create a display that helps build your business brand while maximizing your budget.
Perhaps you want to have meetings with clients or prospects or you want to include technology in your booth. Maybe your biggest concern is being more eco-friendly in trade show booth design elements. You may want to attract corporate clients or small businesses. These are all important to understand as you create a new trade show booth.
Who is your target client?
Envirotech, Trade Show,  Exhibitor, green trade show exhibit, nomadic

At your trade show booth, you want to show people how your product can help them.

In the midst of building a business, we often lose sight of who we are trying to reach. Sounds crazy but it happens to the best of us. We’re so busy finding and closing deals, we lose sight of why we started the business and who we want to help. Before you design a trade show booth, think about who you want to attract to your booth, that’s your target client.
How does your company help clients or customers?
A marketing professional once told us that marketing isn’t about the drill, it’s about the hole you can make with the drill. You have to show people how your product or service helps them. It isn’t enough to say you have a great drill. Rather, you show people what your drill can do for them; it helps them solve the problem of how to make a hole. At your trade show booth, you want to show people how your product can help them.
Who are your competitors?
Nothing like competitive intelligence to help you market your business. Study what your competition is doing well and what they could improve. No one is perfect. There are opportunities to market your business a little differently than the competition, creating an edge for your business.
What do you like and dislike about your current trade show display?
If you’re in the market for a new trade show display, there has to be a reason why. More than likely, there are aspects of the old design that you like and dislike. In the new design, you want to capture what you like and change what you don’t like to create the right trade show booth for your business.
You may, for example, like the xSnap display design but feel it needs something to make it POP for attendees. Consider adding lighting to make the design more visible and attract more visitors to your booth.
What are the goals and how are you measuring trade show success?
In order to measure the success of the investment in a trade show or trade show booth, it is essential to define the goals. We all want more business but “get leads” isn’t a true goal. Make it measurable. X number of booth visitors, X number of leads, X number of prospective customers, and X number of deals closed, are all measurable trade show goals.
Trade show booth design strategies for success begin by understanding your business and trade show goals. Once defined, you can begin to design a trade show booth to help you meet your goals.
The team at EXHIB-IT! is here to help you create the perfect trade show display solution for your unique business. Contact us today to learn more.

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