The first trade show can be the most nerve-wracking. Relax, learn and plan before you even hit the trade show floor with these trade show booth ideas in our Design Idea Gallery:

  1. Forget the table. It blocks you from meeting attendees. They are more likely to pass you by for the competition. Rather than standing behind a table, assign a booth greeter to stand to the side or in front welcoming visitors with a smile. Remember, it is all about the face-to-face relationship.
  2. It’s a Game. Gather leads when you ask attendees to drop a business card in a fishbowl or capture leads electronically when they sign up on an iPad App for a chance to win a prize. You could also have a wheel to spin to engage attendees for prizes. Make the prizes relevant to your brand, audience and trade show.
  3. Clutter Free. Don’t clog your booth with too much information. It’s overwhelming for visitors. Be sure your logo is prominent in the trade show display and focus on one product or service.
  4. Know the Neighborhood. Prior to arrival, you will receive information about where your booth is located, as well as where other vendors are located and whether or not you’re in a high traffic area. Make adjustments to the trade show booth design and marketing strategy before you arrive so you’re not scrambling to make changes as attendees are coming through the trade show doors.
  5. Social Media: Build buzz for your business and the event when you promote the trade show on social media. Use the event hashtag and create engaging conversation with vendors and attendees before you even arrive.

It takes a bit of planning for any trade show. Think about whom you want to meet and how you can attract them to visit your booth. When you arrive, get to know the vendors around you, smile a lot and have a great time!

If you are a constant learner, be sure to check out our Free Tradeshow Training Webinars Videos from my book The NOISE Behind Business – How to Make Tradeshows Work!

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