Considering getting a trade show display but unsure if a new display is the right decision? Choosing a used trade show display can be a great alternative for most budget-conscious businesses and first-time companies looking to explore the opportunities that trade shows present. For those who own older displays where 90% of the pieces still look new but who only need a few small pieces replaced, purchasing a few select refurbished display pieces to replace the older ones can also be a budget friendly move as well.
Everyone knows that finding high quality products at a drastically reduced rate can be exhilarating and useful for both expanding corporations and small businesses trying to garner increased brand visibility. Here at EXHIB-IT!, we make that happen for everyone by refurbishing used displays to match your company branding.

Advantages of Using a Refurbished Display:

  1. Price
  2. Quality
  3. Flexibility
  4. Recycling reduces landfill waste

As you can imagine, price is often one of the most important factors for businesses looking to invest in a trade show display. If your company is working with a tight budget, a used trade show display allows you to present an exciting and attention-grabbing front while keeping company costs low. Used trade shows are usually found between 40 and 65 percent off new purchase prices.
Similarly, used trade show displays are still high-quality products despite their budget-friendly price tag. Once displays are thoroughly refurbished and completely updated with fresh new graphics, they will look like new and will be ready to attract lasting audience attention to your display. Additionally, used displays are a great way to save money on hardware and spend the bigger portion of a budget on where it matters most – getting quality, branded graphics to make your display stand out and attract audiences without the additional costs. Here at EXHIB-IT!, we can refurbish and repurpose used displays to bring them to a like-new condition to meet your company goals.
The trade show display industry rule-of-thumb says that standard trade show displays will last approximately three to five years with regular trade show use. Fortunately for business owners who value both flexibility and strong branding, buying used displays at a reduced price allows them to change and alter their displays more frequently than those who invest in brand new custom displays.
This flexibility can ensure that your company display will always be one of the sharpest displays at the expo. After all, smart business people understand that they must adapt to market changes quickly and maintain a great brand image to remain on top.
If your company display is not reflective of your current desired brand message and remains the same multiple years in a row, you run the risk of representing your company as complacent or predictable. By not constantly striving for a top-notch display, you may be damaging your company brand image.
Furthermore, if you have multiple product lines or would like to expand your display, you may be able to purchase individual pieces of a refurbished display to transform and enlarge your display while still keeping your display inviting and neat to capture audience attention at your next expo.
Recycling Reduces Landfill Waste
Finally, buying refurbished trade show displays is also a great way to recycle (and upcycle!) used trade show displays, significantly cutting down on plastic waste. After all, what business doesn’t like the environment?
When your company invests time and money in a trade show display, it’s important to do it right.
Here are some questions to ask when buying a refurbished display:

  • Is this display in like-new condition?
  • What is the remaining lifespan of this display?
  • Will this display stand out from other displays?

Additionally, here are some tips to help you select a top-notch refurbished trade show display:
Stay objective-focused.
Before you purchase a used trade show display, have a clear understanding of what your company’s trade show goals are. Are you wanting to introduce people to your company or to introduce them to a specific new product?
Do you have the graphics for the trade show display already selected?
How much space will you need?
Always have a clear and concise goal in mind when you shop for used displays to avoid selecting a display that doesn’t suite your company needs.
Make sure the display matches your company objective and demographic.
Know the target demographic for your company trade show display. For example, if selling a service to senior citizens, your trade show display may look different from a display selling a service to children. Know who your demographic is and make the used display selection accordingly.
Select something that can be used regularly.
Make sure that the display you purchase can be used regularly. Never purchase a trade show display that will only be useful in a few situations so you can get the most use out of your display.
The next time you’re considering getting a display booth or replacing your aging one, make sure to look into the refurbished, budget friendly option of buying used!
Do you have any experience of buying used? Tell us about what your experience was like in the comments section!

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