Full BRAIN Marketing for the Small Business

Author: DJ Heckes


Why Full BRAIN Marketing? Undoubtedly, the most important need in today’s business world is determining how to merge traditional, digital and social media marketing in a hypercompetitive environment!

Marketing has changed and so has the way you reach your target audience. The demand for constructive change and the speed of change in today’s world is unprecedented. Customers are embracing change and adapting to new product offerings faster than ever, and businesses must innovate if they are to have any reasonable chance of growth.

But marketing that innovation is not easy; it can be costly, time-consuming and, worst of all, if not done properly, it will fail.

It’s no longer a right brain or left brain world. It’s the combination for full brain marketing that will work best for businesses in today’s competitive intelligence environment. Learn the new ways in which to acquire valuable insights into one’s customer, ways in which to create game-changing ideas, and methods for reducing risk.

Full BRAIN Marketing for the Small Business shares valuable insights to identifying what stage of business a company is presently in and sets out a road map for the best traveled road to marketing success. If done properly, marketing can be accomplished more easily and with a far greater rate of success.

Explore and uncover ways to tie in traditional, digital and social media marketing to lead a business to success and avoid unnecessary mistakes, obstacles and easily avoided failures.

Reader Reviews

“Outstanding Common Sense Marketing with detail on how to cover all the aspects of a marketing plan to assure your business will succeed!”

“Many business books talk theory and explain what to do, but not how! Full Brain Marketing is filled with actionable ideas AND how to implement them. I wish I had a resourse like this when I started my first business 35+ years ago!”

“For the small business owner who needs to understand marketing tools that they can use NOW, this book delivers. It is a quick read, but with effective takeaways.”

Paperback book
264 pages

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