Small Business Trade Show Displays

Why Should My Small Business Have a Trade Show Display?

Trade shows can really maximize your small business’ sales force productivity. The average salesperson visits 2.7 prospects per day or has 675 face-to-face meetings per year. Compare that to the lead generation you’ll get by exhibiting at a trade show — where you can capture the same numbers in just a few days. In addition, attending a conference, event, or trade show significantly reduces the acquisition cost for your average sale, thereby making your small business trade show ROI much higher.

Get started with some of our quick-and-easy options:

  • Put your brand and message on two to three retractable banner stands
  • Choose an easy pop up display, which sets up in less than two minutes
  • Make sure your graphics are memorable, professional, and on brand
  • Pre-plan your trade show exhibit appearance, and practice or rehearse with your booth staffers for better prospect engagement

Contact us today to discuss the best displays for your small business!