Accessories for Flooring

Add on Accessories for Flooring keeps your rollable flooring, carpeting, or raised flooring investment maintained and lasts longer. We have options for cardboard shipping tubes, sturdy carpet bags, or transportation shipping tubes at portable and freight sizes available. 

At many tradeshows, you will see Visqueen overlaid on newly installed carpeting to protect the carpet during installation dates at trade shows.  Why may you ask?  Have you seen the forklifts cutting corners at shows and running over newly set up booth spaces with their new carpet all laid out and ruin it?  We have.  These essential accessories protect your flooring for tradeshow savvy customers that want to safeguard their investment.

Select from the multiple accessory choices for add on accessories.

Production time: 3-4 business days.


For multiple quantities with identical artwork, call for adjusted design quantity.

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Product Features:

  1. Multiple Accessory Options Available.

Call for GSA Pricing Call for GSA Pricing  USA Flag- Made in the USA Made in the USA


  1. Optional Accessory Add ons for your New Floor Purchase.

Shipping Specifications:

Visqueen 12′ x 100′

Shipping dimensions: 23x12x12
Estimated shipping weight: 25lbs.

Visqueen 24′ x 100′

Shipping dimensions: 48x12x12
Estimated shipping weight: 50 lbs.

Visqueen 20′ x 100′ (Reinforced)

Shipping dimensions: 48x12x12
Estimated shipping weight: 80 lbs.

62x17x12 Shipping Case with Wheels


Shipping dimensions: 62x17x12
Estimated shipping weight: 25 lbs.

132x15x12 Tank Tube-Hard Ship Case w/o Wheels 


Shipping dimensions: 132x15x15
Estimated shipping weight: 40 lbs.

132x10x10 Corrugated Ship Tube


Shipping dimensions: 132x10x10
Estimated shipping weight: 35 lbs.

132x16x16 Corrugated Ship Tube 


Shipping dimensions: 132x16x16
Estimated shipping weight: 40 lbs.

Additional information


12’ x 100’ Visqueen (FLR-BRU-ACC-VIS12x100), 24’ x 100’ Visqueen (FLR-BRU-ACC-VIS24x100), 20’ x 100’ Visqueen (FLR-BRU-ACC-VIS20x100), 62x17x12 Shipping Case with Wheels (FLR-BRU-ACC-Case62), 132x15x12 Tank Tube-Hard Ship Case w/o Wheels (FLR-BRU-ACC-TTube15), 132x10x10 Corrugated Ship Tube (FLR-BRU-ACC-STube10), 132x16x16 Corrugated Ship Tube (FLR-BRU-ACC-STube16), 10×10 Carpet Bag (FLR-BRU-ACC-CBag10x10), 10×20 Carpet Bag (FLR-BRU-ACC-CBag10x20), 10×30 Carpet Bag (FLR-BRU-ACC-CBag10x30)

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