Portable Banner Stands


Banner Stands – Portable Trade Show Displays


Trade Show Banner Stands to Fit Your Budget and Needs!

Banner stands are a great way to update or add to your trade show booth or marketing event. We have affordable designs that can grab the attention of every passerby. Affordable and versatile, banner stands bring attention to your trade show booth. From retractable models to scrolling and adjustable models EXHIB-IT! has exactly what you need.

Our Accessories Make Your Banner Stand Even More Functional

We want to make sure your investment is protected when stored or shipped. That’s why we offer different shipping cases to aid in transport and shipping. Don’t forget to add accessories like lights and shelves to your banner stands! Impress your clients by illuminating the quality graphics and display you purchased!


Benefits of Portable Trade Show Banner Displays:


  • Very small footprint once setup
  • Varying heights and widths
  • Lightweight and extremely portable
  • Many accessories to choose from
  • Options include outdoor and oversized models

Contact Us today to add an affordable and practical banner stand display for your trade show booth!


The spring back banner stand series is a stationary stand that displays large graphics with no hassles. With custom graphics available that can be interchanged quickly and easily, purchasing a spring back banner stand is an inexpensive way to keep your booth fresh with new graphic images. These graphic banner displays are easy to transport because of their lightweight plastic frames. And, because of the hardware only features, setting up a spring back banner stand takes less than two minutes!

EXHIB-IT! offers custom shaped banner stand displays, profile cut banner stands, and trade show displays with adjustable height or variable widths. Adjustable height and variable width banner stands come in all sizes and offer endless functionality. Whether you need to purchase a hardware unit only for an existing graphic or will need flexibility because you will be changing your graphics frequently or would like to add literature to your banner stand, we probably have an option that will fit your needs.

Retractable and roll up banner stands are a great way to display more graphics in your trade show booth. Whether it is a free standing or table top banner display, you can quickly and easily add to your trade show booth with these banner stands. The award-winning staff at EXHIB-IT! can help you decide on the best retractable banner or roll up banner for your budget and needs!

Double sided banner stands can be compared to a window shade that contains graphics on either side. In addition to advertising your brand, there are several other advantages to double-sided banner stands for the marketing-savvy business owner!


Outdoor Banner Stands are specifically designed to withstand the elements of outdoors. However, when people want to use their trade show booth equipment indoors or outdoors, this could be a bad idea. The exhibiting equipment designed for indoor exhibitions is not built to withstand wind, sun or rain. To keep the integrity and longevity of your indoor trade show booth intact, it is important that you purchase separate outdoor equipment for outdoor events.

Oversize banner stands incorporate all of the distinct advantages of regular banners and provide a few added bonuses.  When you arrive at a trade show, the last thing you need to worry about is a lengthy booth setup; our banner stands are tool-free and are assembled as a single unit.  Assembly is complete in minutes, and you won’t have to concern yourself about lost pieces. During the trade show, you know that you have a very limited time frame in which to impress your potential clients. With an expertly-designed banner stand from EXHIB-IT!, your booth display will leave a lasting impression.

It is important to ship your banner stands in a hard shipping case to protect them during transit. Many case options are available, depending on the size of your banner stand. To make your banner stand even more useful we have added new banner stand accessories. These accessories, like shelves and literature holders, will help you add more table space and keep all your literature in one place. Don’t forget you’ve invested in a portable banner stand that works great for many different events. Now be sure that your message is seen. A simple banner stand light will illuminate your graphics and draw attention to your space while attracting your target audience to your message.