Multiple Sign Stand

Multiple Sign Stand


Easily display a graphic with multiple messages in a Multiple Sign Stand – Trappa Post that is versatile and easy-to-assemble. This stand features snap sign frames that come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Heavy domed steel base plate and sturdy aluminum post ensure stability for the snap frames, small or large. Your choice of diagonal, landscape, or portrait is convenient to snap in and snap out graphics quickly.

Production Time: 4 business days.

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Product Features: 

  1. Variety of snap frame sizes and configurations
  2. A heavy domed steel base plate with sturdy aluminum posts ensures stability.
  3. Clear protective lenses
  4. Contact us for graphic options (Graphic pricing is not on this site)
  5. Silver snap frames, large or small, landscape, portrait, or diagonal
    (Black available for additional cost)
  6. The front-loading graphic mechanism makes graphic changes easy.

Call for GSA Pricing Call for GSA Pricing  USA Flag- Made in the USA Made in the USA

Includes: SIGN-OR-TRAPPAPost

  1. Snap Sign Frame(s) – See Options Below
  2. (1) Domed Steel Base Plate
  3. (1) Aluminum Post


  • 4 Slanted Frames (17″W x 11″H)- SIGN-OR-TP1-S
  • 4 Straight Frames (17”W x 11”H)- SIGN-OR-TP2-S
  • 3 Slanted Frames (20”W x 16”H)- SIGN-OR-TP3-S
  • 3 Straight Frames (20”W x 16”H)- SIGN-OR-TP4-S
  • 2 Straight Frames (24”W x 30”H)- SIGN-OR-TP5-S
  • 2 Straight Frames (40”W x 30”H)- SIGN-OR-TP6-S
  • 1 Straight Frame (24”W x 36”H)- SIGN-OR-TP7-S
*Accessories Available and NOT Included in Price:
  • Literature Holder

Product Specifications:

Assembled Trappa Post Unit:

  1. Trappa Post 1 (TP1-S): 18.25”W x 74”H x 18”D
  2. Trappa Post 2 (TP2-S): 20.25”W x 74”H x 18”D
  3. Trappa Post 3 (TP3-S): 27.5”W x 74”H x 18”D
  4. Trappa Post 4 (TP4-S): 20”W x 74”H x 18”D
  5. Trappa Post 5 (TP5-S): 24”W x 74”H x 18”D
  6. Trappa Post 6 (TP6-S): 40”W x 74”H x 18”D
  7. Trappa Post 7 (TP7-S): 24”W x 74”H x 18”D

Product Weight:

  1. TP1-S: 28 lbs.
  2. TP2-S: 28 lbs.
  3. TP3-S: 29 lbs.
  4. TP4-S: 29 lbs.
  5. TP5-S: 31 lbs.
  6. TP6-S: 36 lbs.
  7. TP7-S: 33 lbs.
  8. One-Year Warranty

Shipping Specifications:

  1. Shipping Dimensions: Call for Quote
  2. Estimated dimensional shipping weight: Call for Info

Graphic Specifications:

  • TP1 and TP2 final size: 16”W x 10”H
  • TP3 and TP4 final size: 19”W x 15”H
  • TP5 final size: 23”W x 29”H
  • TP6 final size: 39”W x 29”H
  • TP7 final size: 23”W x 35”H

Additional information


4 Slanted Frames (17"w x 11"h)- SIGN-OR-TP1-S, 4 Straight Frames (17”w x 11”h)- SIGN-OR-TP2-S, 3 Slanted Frames (20”w x 16”h)- SIGN-OR-TP3-S, 3 Straight Frames (20”w x 16”h)- SIGN-OR-TP4-S, 2 Straight Frames (24”w x 30”h)- SIGN-OR-TP5-S, 2 Straight Frames (40”w x 30”h)- SIGN-OR-TP6-S, 1 Straight Frame (24”W x 36”H)- SIGN-OR-TP7-S


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