Raised Floor

Raised Floor


The innovative Quick and Easy Magnitude Raised Floor revolutionizes how raised flooring is used! This low-profile floor system features attractive luxury vinyl tile surface panels with magnetic backing that easily attach to the reusable subfloor. Change out your graphics easily. This type of flooring is perfect for a wide range of event, exhibit, automotive and retail applications. It also provides you a cost-effective, highly flexible way to get a beautiful finished Raised Floor. 

Production time: 10 business days.

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Product Features:

  1. No adhesives to apply or remove – these are magnetic insert panels
  2. Change the surface panels to easily create a new look without needing to purchase a new flooring system
  3. The snap-in-place setup and takedown is easy for everyone
  4. Available in three attractive finishes for an eye-catching look to complement your design
  5. Aluminum edge ramps have a unique channel for LED lighting capability add-on
  6. Self-leveling subfloor with quick and easy roto-lock connections
  7. Install and dismantle is easy and the subfloor is reusable
  8. A raised floor provides a distinctive look
  9. 3/4″ clearance for convenient wire and utility management
  10. Designed for high-traffic areas and commercial use

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  1. Raised Floor with three shipping crates
  2. Choice of Black Walnut, Bleached Oak, or Red Walnut Magnetic Flooring

*Note: Pricing includes standard sizes listed on the website. Call for additional pricing for more extensive flooring options or special custom sizes.


  • 20×20 Raised Magnitude Floor- FLR-BRU-RAISEDFLR-MAG20x20
  • 20×30 Raised Magnitude Floor- FLR-BRU-RAISEDFLR-MAG20x30
  • 20×40 Raised Magnitude Floor- FLR-BRU-RAISEDFLR-MAG20x40
  • 20×50 Raised Magnitude Floor- FLR-BRU-RAISEDFLR-MAG20x50
  • 30×30 Raised Magnitude Floor- FLR-BRU-RAISEDFLR-MAG30x30

Product Specifications:

  • Black Walnut Panel Size: 9″ x 48″
  • Red Walnut Panel Size: 6″ x 36″
  • Material: Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Height: 1.75″

Shipping Specifications:  

Shipping dimensions:

  1. 20×20 – (2) 48x48x52 Crates and (1) 96x36x40 Transition Crate
  2. 20×30 – (3) 48x48x52 Crates and (1) 96x36x40 Transition Crate
  3. 20×40 – (3) 48x48x52 Crates and (1) 96x36x40 Transition Crate
  4. 20×50 – (4) 48x48x52 Crates and (1) 96x36x40 Transition Crate
  5. 30×30 – (4) 48x48x52 Crates and (1) 86x36x40 Transition Crate

Shipping weight:

  1. 20×20 Flooring – 3920 lbs.
  2. 20×30 Flooring – 5740 lbs.
  3. 20×40 Flooring – 7280 lbs.
  4. 20×50 Flooring – 9100 lbs.
  5. 30×30 Flooring – 8330 lbs.
  6. Warranty

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20×20 Raised Magnitude Floor- FLR-BRU-RAISEDFLR-MAG20x20, 20×30 Raised Magnitude Floor- FLR-BRU-RAISEDFLR-MAG20x30, 20×40 Raised Magnitude Floor- FLR-BRU-RAISEDFLR-MAG20x40, 20×50 Raised Magnitude Floor- FLR-BRU-RAISEDFLR-MAG20x50, 30×30 Raised Magnitude Floor- FLR-BRU-RAISEDFLR-MAG30x30


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