Surface Finishes and Swatches

To help you select the laminate, vinyl and/or fabric surface treatments that best complement your custom modular or portable display, view the samples below. These images are not intended for color accuracy. We recommend you see your Display Consultant to view actual samples before finalizing your selection.

Front Runner Fabric Swatches
All our Front Runner fabric display color choices are Velcro® compatible, durable, easy to clean and dent-resistant.
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Perma-Logo Throw Vinyl Swatches
Did you buy a perma-logo vinyl table throw? Now you need to choose a color from our vinyl gallery for your new throw.
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Table Throw Fabric Swatches
Check out all the beautiful colors available for our table throw selections. You are sure to find the color you want.
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Pionite & Wilsonart Laminate Swatches
You can find all the Pionite and Wilsonart laminate samples needed for your Nomadic display unit in here.
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Nomadic Display Thermoform Swatches
You can find all the thermoform samples needed for your Nomadic display unit here.
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Director’s Chair Fabric Swatches
We have taken all the colors that you can use on your director’s chairs and listed them here.
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Gazebo Vinyl Color Swatches
Shopping for a gazebo for your next trade show or event? Choose from over 4 dozen vinyl color options.
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Truss Display & Pak Furniture Swatches
Listed here are all the colors you will need on your truss exhibit or your pack furniture.
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