Trade Show Exhibit Repair

When your company has invested in a trade show display, it can be very discouraging when it malfunctions, gets damaged, or goes missing, especially right before a trade show! Luckily, most EXHIB-IT! products are covered by a warranty of some kind.

EXHIB-IT! has trained experts to repair and maintain your equipment, so you always have an exceptionally designed booth. We work quickly and put your urgent needs at the top of the list.

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we request that you send us photos of the damage (or bring in the damaged items) with a description. This will help us accurately diagnose the damage and how to repair your items. Any additional information – like purchase year, a related invoice number, how the item was damaged – is also helpful.

But what if the malfunction happens right before a trade show and there’s no time for repair? Not to worry. As the one-stop-shop for trade show accessories and equipment, we offer trade show rental exhibits and used display booths at low costs!