Fabric Graphics

In the trade show world, it is increasingly important that your business creates a solid presence, communicates its message, and brands itself as a source clients can trust. One way to accomplish these goals is by having an impressive trade show display. At EXHIB-IT!, we have the solution for you: fabric graphics.

The fabric graphics we use for our clients’ custom displays are one-of-a-kind and are sure to make a splash at your next trade show or convention. Our graphics are produced using a unique dyeing process, so you know your design won’t fade; they are lightweight and portable — great for a hectic trade show; and they are one of the most cost effective methods of trade show marketing available.


When we create a customized fabric graphic for you, it is through a complex process that ensures your investment will not fade. Our dye sublimation process uses inks that convert to a gaseous state when heated. The gas permeates the colors into the fibers of the fabric. At its completion, the colored, durable fabric can be machine washed, ironed, and steamed without running the risk of harming or fading the graphic’s colors.


With EXHIB-IT!’s lightweight and portable fabric graphics, you won’t be wasting time setting up, storing, or shipping your trade show display. And this means you have more time to focus on impressing clients with your products and services, rather than worrying about your display.


Due to the dyeing process, EXHIB-IT!’s fabric graphics are reusable, durable, and inexpensively replaced (when needed). Our graphics can be used in a variety of settings, including: