What We Do

Whether you are just starting out and need a logo designed, or you have an established company and you are ready to purchase a display or trade show exhibit, we can accommodate your every trade show need. We are ready to work with you and build the collaborative relationship needed to take your company’s display and trade show marketing to the next level.


The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to trade shows is relying on several different companies for all your materials. Inevitably, the more cooks you have in the kitchen, the greater the chances are that you will be missing important components of your booth on trade show day. With full training, design, shipping and storage, EXHIB-IT! makes your display as successful as possible from concept to completion.

Not sure where to begin? The great news is that we can take you through all the steps. No need to feel anxious. We will explain everything you need to know.


We are passionate about what we do and it shines through in our dedicated customer service team. We are here to answer all your questions and concerns regarding not only our specific products but also any aspect of trade show materials and displays you are unfamiliar with. We are experts in our industry and we enjoy sharing our knowledge!

We build a strong relationship with each client that is centered on understanding their vision. We believe that by using our extensive line of products and services, anyone can become a trade show marketing expert and achieve the highest return from trade show dollars invested. We are committed to your success!

EXHIB-IT!’s Vision
To be the most valued, most well led, and most valuable business of its type in the Southwest.

EXHIB-IT!’s Mission
EXHIB-IT! is a trusted full-service event, retail, and trade show marketing and design company that delivers the results our clients expect!

EXHIB-IT!’s Values
Here at EXHIB-IT!, we:

  1. Are trustworthy.
  2. Value people.
  3. Exceed expectations by delivering excellence — with a smile.
  4. Communicate clearly and timely, with kindness and respect.
  5. Work hard and smart — we are productive and efficient.

EXHIB-IT!’s Services
From concept to completion, EXHIB-IT! provides event, retail and trade show marketing and design for a successful experience — all in one place! We give you our very best in:

  1. Graphic Design: Logo design, brochures and marketing collateral, signage, display and exhibit design
  2. Marketing: Consulting, branding, and collateral materials
  3. Trade Show Exhibits: Turnkey custom and modular displays and graphics
  4. Rental Services: Customized rental options for exhibits
  5. Show Management Services: Start-to-finish setup, shipping, transportation logistics and storage